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November 2013

[Review] The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

At the end of season tour as the winner of the 74th Hunger Games event , Katnis Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) should pay a visit to each district to deliver a speech related to the Hunger Games participants who were murdered .

Unlike the previous winners, they both changed the perception of citizens that event Hunger Games is arguably a mistake, and made ​​them, especially Katnis, a symbol of hope, which is expected to change this situation and make her have to deal with the pressure and threat by President Snow (Donald Sutherland). In the 75th Hunger Games, enforces the rules of “Quarter Quell “, where the previous winners will be reunited for the fight to be the winner.

For those who expect more fierce battle scenes, may feel disappointed, but I really enjoyed the vacillation of a “girl on fire”, stand between 2 love – Peeta and Gale Howthorne (Liam Hemsworth), sacrifice for the family, and to make amends to those who were killed. So depressed! Some of the things that makes me amazed are Katniss’s wardrobes, really dramatic. Also, the scene when Peeta gives his first speech by ignoring the script that has been given. Something that comes from the heart, honest, though painful.


A depressed girl? Like Bella Swan from Twillight? Man please, forget that bitch! Katnis is a strong girl, every tears that drop from her eyes are showing her power. Bella will be killed easily by her, yet she was a vampire now!

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Pidato Wisudawan Terbaik, Memukau tetapi Sekaligus “Menakutkan”

Me face the mirror. A good article to describe who we are today after receiving a piece of paper in the graduation ceremony.


Setiap acara wisuda di kampus ITB selalu ada pidato sambutan dari salah seorang wisudawan. Biasanya yang terpilih memberikan pidato sambutan adalah pribadi yang unik, tetapi tidak selalu yang mempunyai IPK terbaik. Sepanjang yang saya pernah ikuti, isi pidatonya kebanyakan tidak terlalu istimewa, paling-paling isinya kenangan memorabilia selama menimba ilmu di kampus ITB, kehidupan mahasiswa selama kuliah, pesan-pesan, dan ucapan terima kasih kepada dosen dan teman-teman civitas academica.

Namun, yang saya tulis dalam posting-an ini bukan pidato wisudawan ITB, tetapi wisudawan SMA di Amerika. Beberapa hari yang lalu saya menerima kiriman surel dari teman di milis dosen yang isinya cuplikan pidato Erica Goldson (siswi SMA) pada acara wisuda di Coxsackie-Athens High School, New York, tahun 2010. Erica Goldson adalah wisudawan yang lulus dengan nilai terbaik pada tahun itu. Isi pidatonya sangat menarik dan menurut saya sangat memukau. Namun, setelah saya membacanya, ada rasa keprihatinan yang muncul (nanti saya jelaskan).Cuplikan…

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#Jogja101 : Between Rain, Red Coat, and Silver Umbrella.

Rain in Yogyakarta. Not so much difference with the rain I’ve ever tasted in other cities. The way of how rain fall from the sky is still the same, and with the same black cloud formation. However, the rain here is more soothing. Not a lot of upheaval. Fell straight down because just few strong wind gusts. Rarely roar and flash of lightning.

This month, as always, you must prepare for winter. You waiting for the snow and I welcoming the rain. But it doesn’t matter, both are from the same material. I remember, some time ago, I had seen a picture of a beautiful red coat that was on your instagram account, from the caption you wrote, it turns out it was a gift from someone. What is clear, from the “love emoji” that you’ve inserted, certainly it from someone special. Oh, I wish I could give a “dislike” on the picture.

In my story, your red coat turned into a silver-colored umbrella. Someone loaned it to me when we first met. It was about four in the afternoon, but the sky has looked blackened, yeah… it will rain. The meeting runs short, no two of coffee cups arranged on the table, there is no piece of rainbow cake. She couldn’t talk long time at that time, there are several matters regarding the course to be completed by her. A moment before we parted, she gave me that silver-colored umbrella.

“You can take this umbrella, because I had two.”

Why is she carrying two umbrellas? I never asked.


The umbrella, do I have to take a picture and upload to instagram with the caption as sweet as you wrote for that red coat? Ah, it’s useless, even we do not follow each other! But, If only you knew that I often peek and stalk on your twitter, instagram, facebook and more , and I hope you do too. PS : I left one special spot so you can add me on Path account.

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[Review] Thor: The Dark World



The king of hammer is back! Now he has a new enemy, named Malekith. Let’s say he kind of flat and expression-less-alien, even if he is used as a Halloween costume , young kids will not be afraid of him. Hahaha… happy halloween by the way.

Due to the rancor of the past, as well as seeking powerful “spirits”, suddenly taken possession of Jane, when she discovered the phenomenon of building with strange gravity, in London.  Malekith with his army whose face looked like  mannequin doll running attack Asgard. Take a look, Asgard looks much more quite than before.

Loki? He played it safe this time, confined in jail from the beginning until almost to the middle of the movie, before he joined battle with his adoptive brother against Malekith. I must say, this is the best scene of the whole movie, so many jokes are flow starts from Thor asked Loki to help him.

Jane? Thor’s girlfriend. Ugh… she screwed this movie though her ​​role is quite important in saving London. My question is, where are the police, the army of London?. Attacked in such a horrible, but only she, a ‘crazy’ professor, and her two friends who are also ‘crazy’, saved the city.

Finally, Thor. He remained as the strongest candidate in the king of Asgard. His hair is still blond, stocky body, big sound, and the wise words still came out of his mouth. I’d love to see him in The Avengers, more expressive, there are patches of sadness, disappointment, which is clearly visible. In this movie, just like Loki, played safe.


Thor:The Dark World is such a nice sequel of Thor, or The Avengers?

Thor: The Dark World
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