The king of hammer is back! Now he has a new enemy, named Malekith. Let’s say he kind of flat and expression-less-alien, even if he is used as a Halloween costume , young kids will not be afraid of him. Hahaha… happy halloween by the way.

Due to the rancor of the past, as well as seeking powerful “spirits”, suddenly taken possession of Jane, when she discovered the phenomenon of building with strange gravity, in London.  Malekith with his army whose face looked like  mannequin doll running attack Asgard. Take a look, Asgard looks much more quite than before.

Loki? He played it safe this time, confined in jail from the beginning until almost to the middle of the movie, before he joined battle with his adoptive brother against Malekith. I must say, this is the best scene of the whole movie, so many jokes are flow starts from Thor asked Loki to help him.

Jane? Thor’s girlfriend. Ugh… she screwed this movie though her ​​role is quite important in saving London. My question is, where are the police, the army of London?. Attacked in such a horrible, but only she, a ‘crazy’ professor, and her two friends who are also ‘crazy’, saved the city.

Finally, Thor. He remained as the strongest candidate in the king of Asgard. His hair is still blond, stocky body, big sound, and the wise words still came out of his mouth. I’d love to see him in The Avengers, more expressive, there are patches of sadness, disappointment, which is clearly visible. In this movie, just like Loki, played safe.


Thor:The Dark World is such a nice sequel of Thor, or The Avengers?

Thor: The Dark World
(pic source : heavy.com)