Rain in Yogyakarta. Not so much difference with the rain I’ve ever tasted in other cities. The way of how rain fall from the sky is still the same, and with the same black cloud formation. However, the rain here is more soothing. Not a lot of upheaval. Fell straight down because just few strong wind gusts. Rarely roar and flash of lightning.

This month, as always, you must prepare for winter. You waiting for the snow and I welcoming the rain. But it doesn’t matter, both are from the same material. I remember, some time ago, I had seen a picture of a beautiful red coat that was on your instagram account, from the caption you wrote, it turns out it was a gift from someone. What is clear, from the “love emoji” that you’ve inserted, certainly it from someone special. Oh, I wish I could give a “dislike” on the picture.

In my story, your red coat turned into a silver-colored umbrella. Someone loaned it to me when we first met. It was about four in the afternoon, but the sky has looked blackened, yeah… it will rain. The meeting runs short, no two of coffee cups arranged on the table, there is no piece of rainbow cake. She couldn’t talk long time at that time, there are several matters regarding the course to be completed by her. A moment before we parted, she gave me that silver-colored umbrella.

“You can take this umbrella, because I had two.”

Why is she carrying two umbrellas? I never asked.


The umbrella, do I have to take a picture and upload to instagram with the caption as sweet as you wrote for that red coat? Ah, it’s useless, even we do not follow each other! But, If only you knew that I often peek and stalk on your twitter, instagram, facebook and more , and I hope you do too. PS : I left one special spot so you can add me on Path account.

pic source : http://mayhemandmuse.com/
pic source : http://mayhemandmuse.com/