As I write this, maybe I could say I ‘m on a race against time, while listening to some songs that can make me at least fells a lil excited. Actually, the time is running  according to the its rhythm. Second to minute, minute to hour, hour to day, day to week, week to month, and month to year. But hell yeah, it’s just that sometimes I too often been slow and only realized when the word “deadline” appears to my eyes. Ah,  my time management seriously bad!

Starting from last week, my class schedules suddenly become dense and filled with uncertainty. Sometimes the time schedule is changed in the “last minutes”, took place at the weekend like Saturday and I wish never on Sunday. Some assignments “resurfaced”, hoping to be resolved. I seriously regret why I’m not “repay” the assignments one by one?!

This week, I’m concentrating to the IELTS test. Honestly , I was not as confident as when working on the TOEFL test. Bismillah, for this I’ve been training and hope that I will be fine in working on the actual test this Saturday and after that it’s all coming back to God.


“Say what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave” (Sara BareillesBrave)

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