Finally, I eat at one restaurant that being talked by some of young people in Indonesia, Pepper Lunch. I knew it when I was in Jakarta, but now I tried for the first time in Yogyakarta. Based on its history (i read from wikipedia, hahaha), the restaurant was created in 1994 by Kunio Ichinose, he use hot metal plates, about 260 Celsius (you can touch if you want) to serve the food. On your table you will find honey brown sauce (Amakuchi) and garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi), those are two sauces can be mixed to your food.

In Yogyakarta, the restaurant was located at Plaza Ambarrukmo. First you have to order the menu first and pay it to the cashier and then the waiter will give you a table number, so seems like it’s a hard for us to pick the table position that we want. Maybe only smoking or non-smoking area.

Generally, the menu is divided into 6 category, pepper rice, premium steaks, pasta teppan, sizzling rice cury, deluxe combo, and classic japanese.

When me and my friend tried the food, we ordered Curry Rice with Double Hamburg Steak with Chicken Aglio Olio and. Yes, both are foods arrived on hot metal plates. At that time, i also asked how to use the sauce and she said, “just mix it to the rice”. Let me repeat … rice!

Actually, my Curry Rice with Double Hamburg Steak so yummy. The rice is perfectly cooked and the meats are 100% real. Not mixed with flours. I also added an egg as extra topping. My problem is I just need some time to reduce the temperature, it’s too hot to get into my mouth. I also tasted the Chicken Aglio Olio, hmmm … it just okay. The noodle, dry too i think. Maybe the caused by the plates. In average, the price is about 40K – 100K. Some menus are higher.

Will be back here and try another foods. Anyone?

Curry Rice with Double Hamburg Steak & Chicken Aglio Olio
Curry Rice with Double Hamburg Steak & Chicken Aglio Olio