Last night, me and my friend were watching random shows on tv. From one channel  to another channel while waiting for the clock showed 10pm. Yeah, time for Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) Season 4 pre-show. Arguably the weather that night was very hot, I think if this is a sign that the rainy season has ended in Yogyakarta.

One hour watching the show, I was laughing so hard. SUCI is one of my favourite comedy show and also as an alternative than watching something like political show on tv. Moreover, in 2014, i hate the news show because it is dominated by many politicians that are trying to bring down and discredit political opponents. Sucks!

Don’t know exactly what time it is, suddenly heard a roar like a thunder which I thought was a sign that it will rain tonight and at least I can sleep well without having to undress. Five minutes later, that sound like a thunder came again. But then, until the end of the show, the rain that I expected will going down, doesn’t happen.

On my bed and trying to sleep but I can’t close my eyes, maybe because my nap duration was too long. I decided to open my notebook and then realized if the sound is not a thunder but from Gunung Kelud, volcanic eruption. Actually, the distance between Jogja and Kediri (where Gunung Kelud located) is about more than 200 km and I can hear the eruption.


This morning, I see something different. Usually at 5 am, the sun was shining brightly, but this time the sky was still dark. Cloudy? No! The sky was covered by volcanic ashes of Gunung Kelud. This is my first experience to feel the rain of volcanic ashes from a mountain within 200 km away. So, it’s really spooky for me to imagine a time when Gunung Merapi erupted, 4 years ago.

The ashes covering the surface everything outside. I was advised to remain in the room, because certainly there is no activity outside. My class which was originally started at 8 am was also canceled. From the distance more than 200 km, I could still feel the tremendous impact, I hope the people who were around Gunung Kelud will be safe.