Again, another classic story / film that re-created and put it in today’s life. Today’s life? Yeah, because we will not see him as a “monster” that had been familiar. In this movie, the history of how he created by Victor Frankenstein isn’t much different from the existing version, just not described in details by scene but through narrative (as it were) spoken by Frankenstein.

Anyway, forget the appearance of the old Frankenstein! Big guy and scary with iron stuck in the neck. Now, physically from the outside, he’s like a mix of an athlete and a model with a sewing wounds on the face. So, here’s the part that I hate so much, he no longer creepy and become a terror to humans. He also declared himself as a hero. A savior of mankind from the threat of demons who plan to destroy the Gargoyles Order-in simple word, Angels.

The fight scenes are not too disappointing and see how a Gargoyles die is quite interesting (for me). The color display is made kinda​​ dark and it’s helping to keep the audience focused that the movie is being watched is horror. The music scoring is also nice. One thing that is a little prop, there was a scene where people passing by the city, but after that they disappeared and the rest contain only Adam (Frankenstein), Demons, Gargoyles, and Terra – a scientist (human) who working at the laboratory that she didn’t know is a place to make replica of frankenstein in large numbers.

In the end, this movie ends where goodness will always prevail over wickedness and Frankenstein vowed to continue to protect humans. So classic, rite?


Dear Hellboy, I thought Frankenstein will looks uglier than you and I was wrong. So, (in my humble and stupid opinion) maybe Frankenstein will not hesitate to attend a party invitation from the vampires of Twilight.

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