Ten winters passed since the rebellion of the apes led by Caesar to humans for treating and made them as objects of research or just confined in a cage. Caesar and others then choose to leave the city to the protected forest area and then build their own residences with hundreds, or maybe thousands of other apes. Caesar is a leader in the colony. Smart, decisive, and thoughtful, making himself as a highly respected figure. He is now married and has two children. The first child, Blue Eyes, remind me to figure Caesar in the previous movie. Young, have a high curiosity, and a little taste of wavering. While the second child had just been born when his wife was suffering from a prolonged illness.

After the war between apes and humans a decade ago, people of the city affected by simian flu virus that is suspected caused by the apes. Many residents died and some of the survivors choosing to live in a hall with minimal facilities due to the lack of electricity. The city now just like a dead town which is often seen in zombie movies. Until one day, both are meet again. Blue Eyes and his friend, after hunting fish, met with a group of people from the city who want to go to the dam that is located in the area where Caesar and the apes colony stayed.

The Apes colony was splitted into two. Caesar is more inclined to help humans, while Koba, one of the figures in the colony, prefer to against them. Koba had a bad memories with humans. Fenced and used as an object of experimentation by scientists. Some of the scars are still clearly visible in his body. Time is running and Caesar allowed the humans to go in order to repair the dam to illuminate the city. Furthermore, Koba did betrayal and then attack the humans.


The relationship between apes and humans are not too many shown in the movie, but closeness and intrigue that occurs between the apes that became the main story. Some scenes that are interesting to me,  when Caesar’s second child approached the human while they were in the river, also when Caesar decided going back home when he was cared for by Will Rodman. But, the most touching scene for me is when heard the iconic sound of the iPad that is connected to the charger when the power successfully turns on. In a desperate condition, the small and simple things become so precious.

Ape not kill ape!  As a creature who rely on instinct and physical strength, it is possible if fight is the way that they will take to resolve a conflict. Caesar, as a leader who realizes if by being together, they will become stronger. So, dear humans, if they can realize that the internal conflict as much as possible be avoided and any problems can be solved in a good way, then why it is so hard for us to apply?

(Pic source : http://sciencefiction.com/)
(Pic source : http://sciencefiction.com/)