The first time I heard this song was Madonna’s version in 1999 and never thought it already been released before and became a hits in 1971. Thanks to the old-man-singer at The Cavern Club. Well, some European cities maybe has grown with the influence of classical music, but Liverpool is different! The city has been touched by pop and rock n roll culture.

As one of the historic place for The Beatles, The Cavern Club, become a gathering pub for people of all ages to hear the 60’s and 70’s songs. Offcourse The Beatles’s songs are the main course.

You will not be familiar with the singer/band performing on the stage at The Cavern Club as most of them are indie, but do not doubt their musical ability. Some posters on the wall inside the pub, which still retained its authenticity, displaying some famous musicians who have performed there, such as Adele and Travis.

The Cavern Club
The Cavern Club


Btw, Don McLean is the original singer of American Pie and he is an American, but music can across the Atlantic. Nevertheless, as I read some resources from the internet, this song is one the biggest hits in the UK as well. Peaked at number two on the UK singles chart in 1971.

Liverpool, please take me back someday. I can’t get enough because you’re just too awesome to be visited only for a day.

Listening to American Pie by Don McLean

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