One of the reason why I do I’m in love with Yorkshire Dales National Park more, more, and more than The Peak District National Park. It has beautiful and seriously peaceful lake in the middle of main hiking trail while row of hills covered by snow could be seen from a distance. Trust me, though the snow layers are looks thin by far, in fact it can make your feet sink up to your calf as long as you had the same height with me. Beside a group of sheep, you’ll see more animals like huge cows and big buffalos. Another fun fact of this national park is have a rock mountain named Malham Cove, one of the filming locations Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 1). It’s like a puzzle rocks on the ground. Meanwhile, the national park also has a waterfall site but too bad me and my friends missed it as we have another path which is the longest route and took us up to the highest hill. – at Yorkshire Dales National Park View on Path