It’s been already fourteen years ago since the first movie of The Fast and The Furious was released. At that time, I do not have an ID card and a habit of going to the movies is not that huge like now. I grew up with this movie franchaise, considering the time span of fourteen years, there are seven films were born. Yet this post is not a general review of the movie, it may contain spoilers. So, if you have not had a chance to watch, it’s good to immediately close this page.

The list below are seven F’s that comes to mind when I finished watching this movie.

  1. Flashback. If you are not growing up with this movie or did not pay attention in details with the story from the very first chapter, you might need to re-watch from all of them. Well, if you do not have a time, watch it while you can. Furthermore, please focus to what has happened with the relationship between Letty and Toretto.
  2. Fly. Yeah, I know, you know, we know if the movie was about car and car. So, what is the connection of vehicles that running on the street with something can fly? No, there are no flying cars used. Fly means there is a part of the movie where Toretto and his squad do a parachute jump from a plane. Of course, along with their cars. Oh well, that is the first fly. Secondly, the movie will takes you travel from London to somewhere in the US. From Dominica to Tokyo. From Azerbaijan to Abu Dhabi. Thirdly, there is fvcking b*tch helicopter as the enemy.
  3. Fun. This compliment belongs to Tyrese Gibson aka Roman Pearce. Because of his jokes, the viewers were given a chance to relax for a moment of high tension intensity that has been started from the beginning.
  4. Fight. So little races, so many fights. You think the movie is just about car and speed, huh? Wake up, you need to move on from memories of 14 years ago when the first chapter of the FF franchaise was released. As I said so many fights, then I choose the fight scene of Letty in Abu Dhabi. MTV Movie Awards nominee for best fight scene, maybe?
  5. Fvck You. Fvck you, Jason Statham! How many lives did you have, huh?
  6. Forlorn. Oh, c,mon who do not carry emotions when watching this movie and find out if one of the iconic actor is dead. Moreover, the farewell speech delivered by Toretto with a song titled See You Again by Wiz Khalifa as a backsound seriously bring the blue into the theatre. At least, the girl sat behind me was crying. Paul Walker, you will always be remembered.
  7. Finale. Because it was not Fast and Furious without Paul Walker, yet Dwayne Johnson has stated that there will be kind of spin-off about his character, Hoobs, in the future. Ludacris has also stated kinda similar statement.


Many people are already saying that the seventh chapter, Fast and Furious 7 is the most excellent and I would agree if this was better than the chapter sixth. But, on the my whole “sotoy” heart I still chose the Fast Five as my favourite.

(source: wikipedia)
(source: wikipedia)