She who has become your faithful-constant-and-loyal friend when you are in trouble with love relationship with someone four years ago, is coming back and says, “Hello… it’s me”. A lyric from a song that has never been forgotten to be sung lately. From the first verse to the last, or just on the chorus part. 

Since Chasing Pavement and Make You Feel My Love in 19, following by Don’t You Remember and Someone Like You in 21. Adele in her new album titled 25 never ceases to make my indecisive and troubled heart, be felt empty, hoping someone would come and relieve the pains. Since all of the songs can be downloaded on iTunes started from November 20,  I cannot stop pressing the repeat button. Hello, When We Were Young, and All I Ask are some of the song titles in the album that make your favorite regular black coffee become more bitter or rain that does not end with a rainbow everytime you digest the meaning behind the songs. 

So, after few days listening to the album and as the theme is close to every single person’s (read: jomblo) reality then below are 5 things that suddenly flashed into my mind and seems like it could also happen to you. Popcorn, please.

1. Grab the phone and checking ex numbers in contact list and stalking the latest activities on any social media platforms. You may hate your ex like Malin Kundang’s mother to his son but at the end of the day, you realize there are so many sweet and bitter memories that had ever happened. As if finally you do not sit together in the same wedding, just simply remember an adage that says if your future husband/wife is the secret of the God’s. Tired of dating? Ta’aruf, maybe? 

So you finally still have the number, it never hurts to make a call. Remember, silaturahmi membuka pintu rejeki (I could not find the proper line in English). 

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2. Bought a ticket and travelling alone, go to new places you have never visited before, randomly. Sitting in a chair by the window, enjoying the music through earphone, flipping the pages of your favorite book or having a conversation with a passenger next to you. Trust me, an unhappy romance ended can be treated with traveling.  God through His nature knows the best how heal your heart.  Spend your days out by take pleasure of sounds of the beach or cold wind blowing on the mountain. 

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3. Call your favorite coffee shop manager to to accept you as a barista in one day. Serve the customer with the most bitter coffee that you can make. Tell them no hot chocolate in drink list to order for today. I do not know this is fair enough or not, but sometimes, I feel like other people have to feel what we are feeling right now. And Coffee is the best match in translating a bitter taste of a broken heart. Pahitnya tuh di sini, di dalam hatiku. Eh, wrong song.

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After all, love relationship is maybe the same as when you decide to cut your hair and change the style in barber shop. You have said what you want, but the moment of truth is that when you starred at the mirror. No hairstylist can give a guarantee if the results are always satisfying. You may be disappointed because is not as expected and to fix it you  wait for your hair to grow back and it takes time. Love also takes time to be kept, and forgiving each other is the most appropriate way to remain together. And if you are forced to split, there are songs of Adele ready waiting to be played back. 

…this is my last night with you
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
‘Cause what if I never love again?