It was couple days ago I had something different of my vision when I woke up in the morning. Something floating in the corner of my right eye, like tiny fibers and motionless. The Dr.Oz tv show taught me if this kind of thing named as eye floater(s) (Oz and Roizen, 2013). And IMHO, in-my-half-baked-opinion, it is just a temporary disruption, the transition from my bad dream to the real world. Well in fact, the real world have more something bad than dream as it will be magically disappeared once you scream very loud, get sweat all over the face, and open the eyes. Second fact,  I do have kind of this experiences of eye floater before but never happened when waking from beauty sleep. Frequently, it happens if my eyes are tired from too long looking at your face.

OK, I am lying! I never tired of looking at you (put smiley emoji here).

Eye floaters are spots in your vision. They may look to you like black or gray specks, strings or cobwebs that drift about when you move your eyes and appear to dart away when you try to look at them directly (Mayo Clinic, 2015). 

My previous kind of eye floater more often occurs when in front of the computer like more than 3 hours with no breaks or there is a transition from a low light room to a much brighter like finished watching a movie at the cinema. There will be some spots and fibers are scattered in my vision then gone immediately in next 5 or 10 minutes. I could say, this is different with something like “mata berkunang-kunang”. For a moment I wish this was kind of superpower like Cyclops of X-Men, but a minute later, “Oh God… this is very disturbing me.”  

Though I had the experiences before but I am quite sure if my previous eye floaters are not the same with what I had right now. Since it made a debut couple days ago, it still exist right now and I am worried. One thing that makes a bit of “easy boy and just relax” is if the eye floater could disappear by itself over time as long as no part of the eye get injuries. But no one stated the exact time or day, how long eye floater will disappear.

If your floaters aren’t a sign of retinal damage, they may disappear, become less noticeable, or stay and become irritating (Skerrett, 2013)

Because until the afternoon that eye floater has not been strayed away, I’ve asked one of the doctor that I follow on twitter and got a replied as below.

I was a bit relieved until got another replied from another account if eye floater could be dangerous and it happened to his dad. He said if his dad got an eye surgery because it turns out there is a rip in the retina of his dad. I picked up the phone immediately, dial some numbers I got from google and made an appointment to any ophthalmologists the next day to check-up my eyes and thank God everything is fine once I go the result and supposed to go back again next week if nothing changes.


I don’t know how to sum up the story as it is far-far-away from enlightening reading about the importance of your eyes. One famous proverb says your eyes speak the truth when everything else is a lie, so you might take care of it as possible. Because real eyes realize real lies (2pac Shakur, ND). For people nowadays, do not forget if the eyes are the best lens that can capture images and keep it much more beautiful than instagram with those filter helps.

From Illuminati theory to psychology, from health to bulu-mata-anti-badai-Syahrini. I am sorry if the the story sounds like a tragedy. #HeyItsRhyme.

closed eyes | pic taken from here