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Fast & Furious 7: (And) Another Seven F’s

It’s been already fourteen years ago since the first movie of The Fast and The Furious was released. At that time, I do not have an ID card and a habit of going to the movies is not that huge like now. I grew up with this movie franchaise, considering the time span of fourteen years, there are seven films were born. Yet this post is not a general review of the movie, it may contain spoilers. So, if you have not had a chance to watch, it’s good to immediately close this page.

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[Review] Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Ten winters passed since the rebellion of the apes led by Caesar to humans for treating and made them as objects of research or just confined in a cage. Caesar and others then choose to leave the city to the protected forest area and then build their own residences with hundreds, or maybe thousands of other apes. Caesar is a leader in the colony. Smart, decisive, and thoughtful, making himself as a highly respected figure. He is now married and has two children. The first child, Blue Eyes, remind me to figure Caesar in the previous movie. Young, have a high curiosity, and a little taste of wavering. While the second child had just been born when his wife was suffering from a prolonged illness. Continue reading “[Review] Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”

[Review] I, Frankenstein

Again, another classic story / film that re-created and put it in today’s life. Today’s life? Yeah, because we will not see him as a “monster” that had been familiar. In this movie, the history of how he created by Victor Frankenstein isn’t much different from the existing version, just not described in details by scene but through narrative (as it were) spoken by Frankenstein. Continue reading “[Review] I, Frankenstein”

[Review] The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

At the end of season tour as the winner of the 74th Hunger Games event , Katnis Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) should pay a visit to each district to deliver a speech related to the Hunger Games participants who were murdered .

Unlike the previous winners, they both changed the perception of citizens that event Hunger Games is arguably a mistake, and made ​​them, especially Katnis, a symbol of hope, which is expected to change this situation and make her have to deal with the pressure and threat by President Snow (Donald Sutherland). In the 75th Hunger Games, enforces the rules of “Quarter Quell “, where the previous winners will be reunited for the fight to be the winner.

For those who expect more fierce battle scenes, may feel disappointed, but I really enjoyed the vacillation of a “girl on fire”, stand between 2 love – Peeta and Gale Howthorne (Liam Hemsworth), sacrifice for the family, and to make amends to those who were killed. So depressed! Some of the things that makes me amazed are Katniss’s wardrobes, really dramatic. Also, the scene when Peeta gives his first speech by ignoring the script that has been given. Something that comes from the heart, honest, though painful.


A depressed girl? Like Bella Swan from Twillight? Man please, forget that bitch! Katnis is a strong girl, every tears that drop from her eyes are showing her power. Bella will be killed easily by her, yet she was a vampire now!

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[Review] Thor: The Dark World



The king of hammer is back! Now he has a new enemy, named Malekith. Let’s say he kind of flat and expression-less-alien, even if he is used as a Halloween costume , young kids will not be afraid of him. Hahaha… happy halloween by the way.

Due to the rancor of the past, as well as seeking powerful “spirits”, suddenly taken possession of Jane, when she discovered the phenomenon of building with strange gravity, in London.  Malekith with his army whose face looked like  mannequin doll running attack Asgard. Take a look, Asgard looks much more quite than before.

Loki? He played it safe this time, confined in jail from the beginning until almost to the middle of the movie, before he joined battle with his adoptive brother against Malekith. I must say, this is the best scene of the whole movie, so many jokes are flow starts from Thor asked Loki to help him.

Jane? Thor’s girlfriend. Ugh… she screwed this movie though her ​​role is quite important in saving London. My question is, where are the police, the army of London?. Attacked in such a horrible, but only she, a ‘crazy’ professor, and her two friends who are also ‘crazy’, saved the city.

Finally, Thor. He remained as the strongest candidate in the king of Asgard. His hair is still blond, stocky body, big sound, and the wise words still came out of his mouth. I’d love to see him in The Avengers, more expressive, there are patches of sadness, disappointment, which is clearly visible. In this movie, just like Loki, played safe.


Thor:The Dark World is such a nice sequel of Thor, or The Avengers?

Thor: The Dark World
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A good day to die hard. A good movie to watch. A good moment to say, I LOVE YOU, DAD.

Semestinya saya menuliskan ini sesaat setelah menonton film A Good Day To Die Hard. Ini bukan spoiler ataupun berupa resensi film, pun kalau bisa dibilang begitu saya ingin Dian Sastro di film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?  jadi komentator yang pertama dengan mengucapkan BASI!!! madingnya udah siap terbit!!

Seorang bapak paruh baya yang masih menyisakan sisa-sisa ke-kekar-an masa mudanya dengan kepala tanpa rambut sehelai pun datang ke Rusia demi mengetahui keadaan anak laki-lakinya yang menjadi tahanan. Entah apa rasanya, lama tak bersua dan mendapati titisan darahnya menjadi pelaku kejahatan di negeri orang.

Di hari kedatangan, yang sekaligus menjadi kali pertama mata saling beradu setelah sekian waktu menjadi garis awal sebuah petualangan dimana “perang dingin” yang tersekat diantara mereka berangsur berubah menjadi bara hangat yang mencairkan dingin yang menyelimuti Negeri Beruang Merah.

Keberangsuran yang berubah tadi, disuguhkan melalui peristiwa dimana sang bapak hadir menjadi penolong dikala kalut, disaat akal mendadak dangkal, dimana emosi semakin menjadi-jadi. Ah, padahal Cinta pernah bersabda, “bila emosi mengalahkan logika, bener ‘kan banyakan ruginya?”

Well, A Good Day To Die Hard memang tidak semengharu biru seperti The Pursuit Of Happyness dan tidak semenyenangkan Finding Nemo. (Wait… menyenangkan? Kill Dory please, a fish with short-term memory loss!) Tapi entahlah sedatar apapun film yang berkisah mengenai hubungan bapak dan anak, sebelum ataupun sepeninggal bapak, rasa haru pasti serasa menjelajahi seluruh pembuluh.



 A good day to die hard. A good movie to watch. A good moment to say, I LOVE YOU, DAD.

Ditulis untuk mengenang satu tahun sekian hari kepergian bapak.

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