In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary, Facebook already made ​​a video about the moments that we shared in our account. People can check their own through this addres after log-in,  You can check with hashtag #FacebookIs10 to see a look back movie of your friends, or maybe your idols. I  joined in 2008 and I still remember at that time if facebook relied the members to exchange stickers (not in the form of a chat application).

The first year I joined, I often make the status and hope to get a response (positive) from friends, despite the fact that less as expected. Then, the intensity was further reduced (to make status) and facebook continue to develop its features, like enable its members to play games. At first tried the game, I was like, “Oh My God, I love the innovation!”. 

But then, when the number of users are increasing and also the selection of the games, I was a little annoyed by some notifications in the form of a game invitation and plus if every achievement in the game also shared in the timeline. One more thing, in my country, the most annoying thing that I can find in Indonesia is a lot of teenagers who have very strange names and hard to read.

Well, happy birthday Facebook! History has been recorded you as a breakthrough.

Btw, I miss the old of your note application. The features are way more cooler than now.


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“Throwback to October 2009. A status that featured on my Facebook’ look back movie. Ah, time flies pretty fast! Miss the moment when l love to make status updates regularly. Now, I’m checking the hashtag #FacebookIs10 and find out a look back movie of my friends.”

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